Student Affairs Scholarships, Funny Fridays, and Cradles to Crayons Gift Drop Box

College is expensive, right? You can’t stop whining that you’re a poor college student, right? Well, what many college students don’t know is that a world of scholarships exist if one is willing to take the time and search for them! For example, the Student Affairs Scholarships are NOW LIVE through THIS LINK. There are 9 scholarships on the page, 7 of which are through Student Affairs and two (marked with an asterisk) are through Spiritual Life. The scholarship awards range from $500 to $5,000 and many different types of students are eligible. Most scholarships apply to students who display exemplary leadership, and who demonstrate financial need, have GPAs above 2.5, and are not on any form of university probation. Go ahead and check out the specific requirements for each one, and get applyin’!

As finals take their bow, and as the legions of over-stressed and sleepless students collapse into piles of surplus husky bucks (yeah right!), Spiritual Life finds its calm in meditation. Laughing meditation, to be exact. On Friday, December 15 from 12:00pm-12:30pm in the Sacred Space, “Funny Fridays” will take place. This is a walk-in basis guided session and a great way to experience the profound benefits of meditation on the mind, body and spirit! And have fun, of course. Cushion/chairs will be provided, and please arrive on time as not to disturb the others attending.

Got any old winter apparel hanging around that you no longer need? You’re not benefiting from it cluttering up your closet, but the donation of your lightly used clothes could make a HUGE difference in someone’s life this holiday season. A Cradles to Crayons drop box in 101 Ell will be set up until Monday, December 19 for the collection of new and lightly used children’s items, such as winter shoes, boots (infant child sizes 0-13 and youth/adult sizes 1-10), hats, gloves, scarves and mittens. Last year Cradles to Crayons received more than 11,000 orders for winter clothes. This year, they expect to receive 15,000, and your donation could make the difference!


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