Happy Holidays!

It’s finally here – the LAST DAY OF EXAMS!! Congrats on making it through! If you’re looking for some last minute stuff to do, look no further.

The Department of African American Studies and the John D. O’Bryant African American Institute have been holding a holiday drive – and today is the last day to donate! The Mary Eliza Mahoney House Family Shelter of the Dimock Community Health Center provides emergency shelter to homeless families, permanent housing placement, intensive case management services and 18 months of stabilization services to ensure families remain housed. They currently have 27 adults and 28 children in their shelter. The Dimock Family Shelter is one of only two family shelters in Boston that accepts boys over the age of 13.

The Department of African American Studies and the John D. O’Bryant African American Institute is accepting donations of toys for each child. Gifts cards are also acceptable donations for our older children. Your generous donation of gift cards, toys, or food will be very much appreciated! Bring gifts by the John D. O’Bryant African American Center on campus.

The last “Funny Fridays” Laughter Meditation of the semester will take place from 12-12:30pm in The Sacred Space, 2nd floor Ell Hall. This guided laughter meditation session lasts a half-hour, and is open to all on a walk-in basis. Laugh off the stress of the past few weeks and start your vacation off right! Cushions/ chairs provided. Please arrive on time so as not to disturb the meditation of others.

This will be the last blog post of the semester, much to everyone’s dismay, we are sure. It’s been real – we’ve enjoyed writing this blog and informing you all where the party’s been at, and impressing our friends with our knowledge of obscure on-campus events. You’ve stuck with us through the ups (Russell Brand, Homecoming Week) and downs (umm…have there been any?!), and we want to say thanks for reading the blog, thanks for coming out to events and supporting your school, and thanks for validating us as writers. Until next time – have an amazing winter break, a safe and awesome New Year, and best of luck with next semester, wherever it may take you.

Now, to usher in the new year, we’d like to introduce our sparkly new co-op, the heir to our darling blog! Her name is Catherine Strong, she’s hip and happenin’, she’s made a living making grilled cheeses, and she’s excited to take on the responsibility of keeping the Northeastern community updated and involved! Check out her writer profile page for more information on her.

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