Jeopardy, Big Man on Campus and an International Film Series!

Tonight from 6-10pm head over to the Cabral Center for Black History Month Jeopardy!  Plus, Alex Trebek won’t be hosting, which will assuredly foster a more upbeat jeopardy round for all participants. Test your knowledge of Black History Month and celebrate the contributions of people of African descent! What a great way to finish February!

 And tomorrow at 7PM in Blackman, Delta Phi Epsilon and HerCampus present “Big Man on Campus!” Big Man On Campus is an opportunity for all men in the Northeastern community to compete in a talent show, a Husky Pride competition and a question and answer session. The winner of these competitions will be crowned the Big Man on Campus! Come see what types of fine young talented Men Northeastern has! Tickets available on myNEU. All proceeds benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

In case you haven’t heard—ISSI is hosting an international film series!  Tomorrow in 20 West Village F at 7:30pm, ISSI will play My Afternoons With Marguerite (La Tete en friche)! International cinema can provide a glimpse into foreign cultures gives us a chance to understand films born from outside of Hollywood! My Afternoons With Marguerite is a story of people from opposite universes, one illiterate man and one well-read elderly woman, come together to develop a unique bond.

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