Michelle’s Boston Weekly Update!!!

Lights, Camera, Action … Boston-style!

Take a trip to the stage, see an exceptional view of the city, and go on a thrill-seeking adventure all within a few miles of each other. For those of you tired of an empty campus during spring break and the rest of you coming back from a relaxing week in the sun, check out the don’t-miss events and opportunities we have discovered around the city! Sit back and relax for a performance, appreciate some history, or enjoy the workout of a lifetime in a fun and interactive way.  Don’t blink for too long or you may miss out on an amazing experience!

Performing Arts

Classic Theatre

Interested in history, musicals, or cheap opportunities for students? You are in luck! Les Misérables , the world-renowned  musical based on a classic novel by Victor Hugo, is coming to the Boston Opera House. From this Tuesday, March 13th–April 1st, a story of love, war, and independence will be gracing the stage and you won’t want to miss it! Taking place during the French revolution with a plotline that will make you laugh, cry, and fight many other emotions throughout, this performance is something every theatre-goer should experience (and drag all your friends to). For more information and ticket information (MAKE SURE YOU STUDENT RUSH!) click here.

New to the Stage

Everyone knows their family is a bit dysfunctional, so why not watch a family that trumps all of us? Take a trip to see the heartwarming and inspirational pop rock performance of Next to Normal coming to Boston today! The music is unlike anything you have heard in a musical before and will be stuck in your head for ages (in a good way)! Starting this weekend and playing until April 15th, save some time to head over to Boston Center for the Arts to have a musical experience you will never forget. Click here
to learn more about the show and how to get tickets!



Want an amazing view of Boston in this beautiful weather while experiencing a must of this city? Located in Monument Square in Charlestown, right at the Community College stop on the Orange line, you can find the Bunker Hill Monument standing 221 feet tall. This figure symbolizes the location of the first major battle of the American Revolution almost 250 years ago. This historic site is now open to visitors to learn and explore this fascinating sight. Anyone has the chance to climb the 294 steps to the top and experience an utterly breathtaking view of Boston at large. For times and more information, click here.


Climb to the Top

Want to take a mini-vacation from city living and experience what you could in the great outdoors? You don’t have to go far! Rock Spot Climbing open most days from 10 AM to Midnight offers endless rock-climbing opportunities. Rock after rock and each a new level or challenge, will keep you entertained for hours. Accessible by the Orange Line and a bus transfer, it is worth it to branch out for this out-of-city experience. Go by yourself, with friends, or a group and you’ll want to keep coming back for more! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never rock-climbed before or if you are a master. Rock Spot Climbing is suited for all levels! Click here for more information.

Flying High

We all know that as old as we get in this college world, we are all still kids at heart. Who wouldn’t find a world made entirely of trampolines to be the most awesome idea ever? Well, who says this isn’t possible? Sky Zone, located in Boston (but best accessible by car), will make all these dreams come true. A facility dedicated to fun and fitness has designed the ultimate playground for kids through adults. Sky Zone has created an experience full of trampolines! Visitors, addressed as jumpers, will be guaranteed to have an adventurous and exhilarating experience of a lifetime. To learn more about Sky Zone, click here for more information.


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