Happy Friday and Happy Last day of Exams!

Although all of us are lucky enough to study in this awesome city, many of us don’t take advantage of all of the awesome activities that it has to offer! Sometimes it’s hard to plan in advance and hard to shell out the money to pay for expensive performing art shows, but Bostix offers a way cheaper way to get tickets! Have you ever wondered what those roundish booths down near Copley or Faneuil Hall are? They’re Bostix booths and they sell 1/2 price day-of-show tickets to performances all over town! Stop by one of the booths or check out the website. Half price tickets go on sale after 10AM.

As the warm weather returns, more and more students head up to the rooftops and decks off-campus.

Every year, there are deck collapses and falls from rooftops in Boston, most with serious injuries. Some of these accidents have occurred because individuals have not followed rules, overloaded spaces beyond permitted levels, or simply been careless.  At other times, it is because the space is not physically safe or does not meet code for occupancy.

 If your apartment and/or building gives you access to a rooftop or deck, it is very important that you:

  1. Verify that your lease permits you access to this space
  2. Understand its limitations (i.e., weight limits, access guidelines)

    We don't want this happening!

  3. Ensure this space is safe (sound construction, solid, no rot or loose boards, etc.)
  4. Obey all rules regarding the space

If your apartment and/or building does not permit you access to a rooftop or deck, please respect this limitation.  It is in place because those areas
are not deemed safe for occupancy.

If you have questions regarding a rooftop or deck access, please consult with your landlord and/or property manager.  You may also contact City of Boston Inspectional Services (ISD) at 617-635-5300.

Have an awesome weekend! 


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