Yes yes, I’m here to confirm the rumor. Stetson East, Stetson West, Curry and OUTTAKES are CLOSED for the summer! This means that International Village and Rebecca’s are the only dining venues that are accepting meal swipes this summer. Although many students may see these closings as a disappointment, there is one great perk that comes along with these summer dining options—Rebecca’s new hours are 7AM to 6PM!!! So now you can now get Rebecca’s for dinner, and even make it back after co-op! Plus, If you have a lot of extra Husky Dollars, it may come as a surprise that there are many places, outside of the obvious locations around campus, where Husky dollars are accepted:

Betty’s Wok & Noodle
250 Huntington Avenue

Blackjack Pasta
52 Queensberry Street

Boloco on 1080 Boylston Street and 247 Newbury Street

Chilli Duck Thai
829 Boylston Street

Domino’s on 1260 Boylston Street and 1400 Tremont Street

Fajitas & Ritas
25 West Street, Boston

Good Eats Pizza
1002 Tremont Street

Haagen Dazs
1122 Boylston Street

Mission Bar & Grill
724 Huntington Avenue (Brigham Circle)

Nan Ling Chinese Restaurant
179 Massachussetts Avenue

Scoozi on 237 Newbury Street and 580 Commonwealth Avenue

Uno Chicago Grill on 731 Boylston Street and 645 Beacon Street (Kenmore Square)

And for everyone who 1) Loves Instagram (or Hipstamatic/Camera+ /Lightbox) and 2) will be traveling (ahem, STUDENTS GOING ON DIALOGUES) before June 29th, GUESS WHAT? If you will be in Barcelona, Berlin, Bogota, Chicago, Doha, Glasgow, Hong Kong, Jeddah, London, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Torino or Vancouver, you can enter the chance to win a Social Media Week Contest! If your picture is chosen you’ll win a trip to the Social Media Week to any of the hosting cities listed above.  So, capture the best shot with your smartphone, tag your very most exquisite photo with #InstagramYourCity and attach the name of your city for your chance to win! (You can take as many pics as you want, and submit as many as you want!)


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