Is Shillman Cat Crossing Your Path? A Northeastern Guide to Avoiding Bad Luck

Today marks the 13th day of the month, and, as has happened hundreds of times before, it happens to be a Friday. While you may not believe that this date inherently brings bad luck, I’m willing to bet that there is at least a small, tiny, minuscule part of you that feels you should approach this day with caution. And so, to prevent the hazards that could come from a whole student population marred with bad luck, here is the Northeastern Guide to Avoiding Bad Luck this Friday the 13th.

Rub the husky’s nose! (or ears)

An honored Northeastern tradition and always one of the first things told to every freshman, rubbing the nose of the bronze husky in Ell Hall is sure to bring good luck, and counteract any bad Friday the 13th omens. The statue,  completed in 1962 (happy 50th birthday come September, King!) by Anne Philbrick Hall was made to honor the fierce-yet-lovable Northeasern mascot, King, and his spirit remains to this day. Alternatively, if you are a grad student, it is customary to rub the ears of the husky.


Rub the nose of ALL the huskies!

You know, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so why not stockpile all of the good luck you can by tracking down all of the huskies scattered about campus and rubbing their noses? As they were all modeled after the original bronze statue, some of that good luck energy is sure to rest with them. Also, if you find your luck ebbing and you’re on the other side of campus, one of these back up good luck charms could come in handy.

Don’t let Shillman Cat cross your path!

While the commonly accepted superstition states that you only need to be wary of black cats, I would not recommend taking your chances with bronze cats either. Although an inanimate object and it being physically impossible for the Shillman Cat to cross your path, if there were ever a part of Northeastern’s campus to awaken and roam about as an evil spirit, we all know it would be Shillman Cat. Just look at those eyes…

Those cold, cold eyes…

Don’t step on the T Tracks!

It is said that stepping on the cracks on a sidewalk can bring bad luck, however that doesn’t really apply to the brick walkways that primarily make up Northeastern’s campus. However, we do have several large “cracks” going through our campus (both the Orange and the Green lines), and I would not recommend stepping on those either. First off, they may be slippery and you could fall, but also could be charged with bad luck just waiting to grab onto you. Also, if you step on the 3rd rail on the Orange line, you will receive a charge of a much more electrifying nature (note: if you are ever in a position to walk over the Orange line rails, you should not be doing what you are doing).

You know you have bad luck if you get on a D train from the Northeastern T stop.

As you may know, Superstition Science is a very young science, and not all of the aspects of it are fully understood. Thus, if you wish to contribute to the valiant work we are doing here, please do so in the comments!

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