How To Find Out About Everything Happening At Northeastern Ever

Imagine, if you will, a pleasant Saturday afternoon in mid-September, the birds are singing, and you, not knowing of any pressing matters, decide to spend the day relaxing with your Netflix. Then, halfway through your 3rd episode of Dr. Who, your roommate comes in carrying a sweet t-shirt, five Boloco burritos, a goldfish, and an XBox. “Dude, why aren’t you at the annual Free Burrito and Goldfish Carnival? They got U2 to perform this year!”

Even if you don’t like t-shirts, burritos, fish, video games, or U2, the point is clear: you probably would’ve liked to have known that this was going on. And so, to help prevent sad tales like this from ever occurring again, here is a list of all of the major event-sponsoring student groups here on campus that you can follow and never miss out on an event again.

The Northeastern University Student Life Blog

Shameless self-promotion? Yes. A really good resource for events and happenings at Northeastern? Double yes. Follow this blog, and you will never miss a good free food opportunity, and it’s not unusual for us to run giveaways on Twitter.



The Doghouse

The Northeastern Husky superfans and chant leaders at the hockey games, The Doghouse is a proud and honorable group of some of the courageous huskies Northeastern has to offer. Follow them, and you are walking down Northeastern Victory Lane.



The Council for University Programs (CUP)

Russel Brand at Matthews Arena, presented by CUP

The dedicated programming student group on campus, following CUP will make sure you stay in the know about almost all of the major comedians and speakers that come through Northeastern, as well as the event-packed super week that is Spring Fest. If you keep up with CUP, you will not be let down.



The Resident Student Association (RSA)

A team after the Husky Hunt, a 24-hour long scavenger hunt in Boston

The primary advocacy and programming body for the residential community, RSA is known for organizing the Husky Hunt, Snow Ball, Sex Week, Pumpkinpalooza and co-sponsoring with many of the other groups on campus. As they also oversee the hall councils, there’s a chance that they were a part of any pizza or movie event you’ve attended in your hall recently. With such a varied repertoire of programs, RSA is a must-follow group.



The Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association (MEISA)

Say Anything playing at AfterHours

MEISA is easily the most prolific student group when it comes to music-based events. Sponsoring tons of Open Mic Nights and bringing in most of the acts through After Hours, MEISA is definitely the group to follow if you want to keep up with concerts on campus.



Tastemakers and WRBB

Titus Andronicus at Centennial Commons

While not as event-focused as some of the other groups are, Tastemakers (the go-to magazine for music and art happenings, published by NU students) and WRBB (Northeastern’s student-run radio station) both put on great concerts (Tastemakers Presents and Block Party, respectively) that you’re going to want to be in the know about

Tastemakers Facebook:

WRBB Facebook:

The International Student and Scholar Institute (ISSI)

The multitude of cultural organizations here on campus are definitely the unsung heroes of on campus events. However, rather than list them all out, I will use ISSI to stand for them as they represent all international life here at NU as well as put on some great programs like cultural dinners. Here is their list of all of the cultural clubs on campus:

Some of the great ones to follow: Italian Culture Society, Barkada, and the Japanese Cultural Club.

Student Government Association (SGA)

While not technically a programming organization, SGA organizes a lot of important campaigns at Northeastern, including the Student Body Elections, and following them will definitely help you stay more informed about campus happenings.



Hey! You Didn’t Mention My Favorite Group! Ya Jerk!”

As there are currently 328 student groups (that are currently listed through Campus Activities), there’s no way to list them all, this was just a tasting menu of some of the best ones to follow for events. There are tons of different student groups, one for just about every interest you can imagine, so I encourage you to seek them out and get involved!

Want to let us know what you think the best student group to follow for events is? Tell us in the comments!

Also, check out our list of Best Northeastern Offices to Follow!

3 responses to “How To Find Out About Everything Happening At Northeastern Ever

  1. Don’t forget about all the great Dining Services events on campus! Follow NU Dining at or follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@NUDining) to hear all about upcoming celebrity chef cooking demonstrations in the Xhibition Kitchen, daily specials at dining locations across campus, and yearly events like the pumpkin carving and gingerbread construction contests!

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