Report: Five Guys Burgers to Hit Northeastern This Fall

Update: Store to be open between Mid-November and December. Also, if it wasn’t clear, it is not on Northeastern’s campus, but incredibly close.

There is a storm brewing in Boston, and soon we will all be dragged into it whether we like it or not. The good news, however, is that it is a storm of high quality burger joints opening around town and, luckily for us, around Northeastern.

In case you’ve missed the latest Burger reports from the Boston Globe, we are in the midst of a bonafide burger boom, and it looks like Northeastern is going to be joining the fray. In addition to UBurger opening with the newly-renovated Curry Student Center this Fall, Huntington Ave. will also be graced with a Five Guys Burgers according to a recent post by Eater.

Five Guys, the popular burger chain from Virginia that has been voted the #1 Burger by Washingtonian Magazine every year since 1999, has a considerably large cult following and is known for giving you a lot of burger for your buck. It will be opening at 263 Huntington either mid-November or December, in between the UPS Store and Symphony Hall. Also, they give out free peanuts, which would be a significant advantage when compared to other nearby restaurants.

The location of the upcoming Five Guys at 263 Huntington Ave.

As all of these Burger establishments start to open their doors this fall, the question is: who will emerge as victorious in what will come to be known as the Boston Burger War of 2012? Let us know which burger you’re betting on in the comments!


17 responses to “Report: Five Guys Burgers to Hit Northeastern This Fall

  1. Five Guys is a little overrated, and pretty greasy for a hamburger, but they do have decent toppings and good fries.

    I would spend my money on a better burger from Boston Burger Company or Be Good


      • Just so we’re clear, this is not on Northeastern’s property, so they probably won’t be dealing with the peanut issues. Texas Roadhouse probably just posts that there are peanuts everywhere, so people with intense peanut allergies shouldn’t go in there. Alternatively, UBurger is another awesome choice in burger.

        • Of course it is not on campus–that would be too big a risk for Northeastern. I am waiting for Randy Jobin of Risk Management at Five Guys to call me regarding how they handle MA state food allergy laws. I appreciate your sensitivity, thank you!

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