Why the Heck You Should Take Time Out of Your Day To Sit Through An Unknown Shakespeare Play

For the 17th season of Shakespeare on the Common, the political drama CORIOLANUS has been selected to be performed for the populace of Boston. The play charts the rise and fall of a powerful general as he battles enemies abroad, and a tide of popularity at home in Rome. While the war hero triumphs in the field, it’s his struggle with politics, responsibility and government that threatens to undo him.

But why on earth should you care about this? Here are a few good reasons:

1.       It Inspired the Hunger Games

If perhaps you were wondering why Coriolanus sounded familiar, it’s because Suzanne Collins references him in the mega-popular Hunger Games trilogy with her character President Coriolanus Snow, a totalitarian dictator. So, if you want to bust out a conversational victory next time you discuss the literary relevance of the Hunger Games, it would behoove you to go see the play.

2.       It’s politically gosh darn relevant

“Demonstrations in the street, politicians jockeying for the loyalty of the populace, consolidation of wealth, tension between the “have’s” and the have not’s” – 2011, right?  No, this is the world of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, perhaps Shakespeare’s most political play. The play explores the quixotic and symbiotic connection between the governed and the governors – an issue echoing around the globe in the Arab Spring and in our 2012 presidential election.  Coriolanus will capture the energy and passion of the community as we determine leadership of our country for the next four years.  It will be a thrilling and dramatic conversation with our audience!”

–Steve Maler, CSC Artistic Director

Now, I know what you’re thinking. They say this about every single play in existence, but this time it’s true. After all, would Ralph Fiennes have made it into a major motion picture this year that received critical acclaim if it wasn’t?  I think not.

3.       It’s Free

Have you ever heard the phrase “Free food tastes five times better?” Well, the same holds true for theater. In New York, people will pay hundreds of dollars to go see a play, but not you. No, instead of being stuffed into a balcony with a bunch of people you don’t know, you and your friends get to enjoy a lovely performance on the Common in the heart of Boston  – for free.

4.       You can convince your parents, friends and loved ones that you are cultured

Sometimes, when trying to express what a deep, layered, creative individual you are, it can pay off to keep a card like this in your hand. Also, it can’t hurt to bring this up when you call your parents to talk about going on your next vacation.

Not convinced? Get more info here: http://www.commshakes.org/performances/performance/4




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