Northeastern via the Internet: Five Resources You Should Know About

While there is an abundance of links and resources on myNEU, sometimes you might need a little something extra to get what you want from the internet. Here are some handy links for when you want to look at Northeastern from above, or maybe lost your Darth Vader thumbdrive:

The NU community on Reddit

The NEU reddit community (or subreddit, as they are called) is a fairly active hub for all things Northeastern-related. Currently, the top posts are asking if there are any other jugglers at Northeastern, A PSA about a Darth Vader flashdrive someone found, and discussions on how to find off campus housing and co-op positions.  No matter what your interest or need, the good folks at r/NEU will probably be able to help you out.

Northeastern IdeaScale

Currently used by the Student Government Association to gauge student interest in a variety of initiatives, IdeaScale is a good way to get your idea on how to make this school better out there, heard, and acted upon. The current highest priority idea is to have animals come to campus for stress-therapy, so this tool is clearly a benefit to the student body.

Northeastern Webcams

Want to know what the weather outside is like? Maybe you just want to see how Northeastern’s campus looks from a bird’s perspective? For either of these concerns, look no further than the Northeastern Webcams.


The OrgSync logo.

Because there’s only so much Facebook can do to help students network, Northeastern organizations use OrgSync to plan events and post information about their groups. If you are ever looking for information about a specific group, it is a great place to find more info.


If the search on the Northeastern website isn’t delivering the goods, the friendly web giant Google is always there to help. For finding pretty much any little thing, such as the hours of Northeastern’s Financial Aid Office, a search of “Northeastern Financial Aid Hours” will have what you need as the first result. The “Northeastern University (blank)” search, as a general rule, is great for navigating to the hard to find page you want.


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