Current Boston Happenings: The Best of the Burgers and Springsteen

Best of Boston 2012

Boston Magazine has just released their ultimate rundown of everything awesome in Boston. From oddest attractions and burgers, they have compiled a very respectable list that is worth checking out before planning your next Boston excursion.

Link: Best of Boston 2012 

Boston’s Battle of the Burger

Speaking of burgers… If you didn’t catch our report on the Five Guys that’s coming to the NU neighborhood, you might be unaware of the oncoming burger battle in Boston, as we are starting to get a swarm of high-quality burger joints trying to compete for our hard-earned burger money. However, in an effort to offer some burger insight, they are hosting a huge burger-off. While the tickets run a steep $75, just think about all those burgers…

Link: Boston Battle of the Burger 

Springsteen at Fenway

Next week, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street will have their next two show dates right here in Boston, following their European Tour. One of many excellent show reviews, The Evening Herald said this of the European leg of the tour, “The E Street Band reclaim their title as the greatest live act in the world.”

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will return to Fenway Park on August 14 and 15 for the first time since 2003 to once again rock America’s Most Beloved Ballpark. After those two epic shows in ’03, Springsteen said this of playing at Fenway, “there aren’t many places you can feel the soul of a city, but Fenway Park is one of those places.”

Flattery aside, it should be an amazing show!

  Buy Tickets for Aug. 14  

  Buy Tickets for Aug. 15  

And Just for Fun… MIT Students Scam Mass. Lottery for 8 Million Dollars – Legally

Some of our clever neighbors across the Charles figured out during a research project that the Massachussets WinFall lottery had the occasional day where some enterprising students buying $600,000 worth of tickets could get a 15-20% return on investment, all while not breaking any rules.

Full story from Time: How MIT Students Scammed the Massachusetts Lottery for $8 Million


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