Northeastern Launches American Political History Website to Educate Voters

Earlier this week, Northeastern launched its new, nonpartisan, educational website to educate voters called “U.S. Political Conventions & Campaigns.” The site, which features detailed histories on subjects like modern political parties, campaign finance, and election processes, also provides political quizzes and lesson plans which are available as teaching resources.

In addition, the site also includes video interviews with individuals from across the political spectrum including: Michael Dukakis, former Massachusetts Governor and the 1988 Democratic nominee for President; Richard Tisei, a 1980 Reagan youth delegate and current Republican candidate for Congress in Massachusetts; Thalia Schlesinger, a 2008 Obama delegate; and Richard Counts, a 2012 Romney delegate. The end result is a solid educational tool with an easy-to-use interface, excellent media, and great information.

While a typical reaction to content like this might be something along the lines of “Ughh…more learning?”, the quizzes are actually very engaging, and will definitely make you more aware of some of the nuts and bolts of the American political process. One of the quizzes on Media and Technology can be found here:


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