Husky 101: Understanding Outtakes Strategy

Are you a new or returning student trying to figure out Outtakes? Well then this guide might help!

By now, most freshman should know that you can use your 15 (or other denomination) weekly meal plan at several dining halls around campus (as well as The West End and Rebecca’s) and that the meal counts reset Saturday at midnight. However, some students like to use their remaining meals each week at Outtakes (generally seen as the great meal swipe wizard), which can be more tricky. As the single, magical entity where students line up to have their swipes transformed into Powerade, Cereal, Cheeseburgers, Salads, Yogurt, Chips, and any other miscellaneous food items that can be stored away easily, it is very popular, and so beating the crowds and its hours takes some foresight.

Given the incredibly high demand and small venue of Outtakes, it is closed on Saturdays, which would’ve been the last day to go there before your meal plan resets. Thus, students need to stop in before Friday at 7 PM to be able to use those last swipes. Additionally, to help reduce the long lines of people exhausting their meal plans, Outtakes limits you to 3 meal swipes per day.

Of course, most in the freshman class are aware of all this, leading to Friday being the “madhouse day.” However, for people wishing to avoid the chaos (and limited selection) of Friday, Thursday is a much safer choice. But then, how do you allocate those remaining meal swipes to Outtakes vs. Friday and Saturday’s consumption? Well, the thought process could look like this:

If King Husky has 8 meal swipes left on Thursday afternoon, how many should he use at Outtakes?

1 meal swipe (at Stetson West Thursday night)

+ 2 meal swipes (for Friday morning and lunch between classes, but not one for dinner because he’s going to New York Pizza before the hockey game)

+ 2 meal swipes (for Saturday lunch and dinner, because he plans on sleeping in)


5 meal swipes (to be saved for the weekend), leaving three available for use at Outtakes.



How did our math do? Let us know your thoughts and pro tips in the comments!

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