Homecoming Comedy Tickets Now Available!

The tickets for the Sarah Silverman and Nick Swardson comedyshow are now on sale, so get pumped! You can log into MyNEU to select tickets, which are available for the bargain price of 12 dollars.

This show is especially exciting considering that typically only one highly-regarded comedian is brought in, so the double header of two well-known (and very funny) comedians is a sweet deal. Last year’s Russel Brand was a great show, so it is the recommendation of this blog that you definitely check out this event.

The event, sponsored by CUP and the Student Alumni Association, will be part of Northeastern’s Homecoming Week, and will be at Matthew’s Arena on Thursday, October 11th.

The Facebook event can be found here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/430743123629549/

You can also check out the details on ALL of the great events going on for Homecoming here:


More info on the comedians:

Sarah Silverman

Emmy winner Sarah Silverman is as versatile of a performer as they come. Her repertoire includes everything from film and television, stand-up comedy, to iconic online videos and she just added author to this list when she released her first book this spring. Silverman was most recently seen starring in the third season of “The Sarah Silverman Program,” on Comedy Central and her book, a memoir, The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee, debuted in stores on April 20th.

Silverman was dubbed “the most outrageously funny woman alive,” by Rolling Stone.

Silverman grew up in New Hampshire and attended New York University. In 1993 she joined “Saturday Night Live” as a writer and feature performer and has not stopped working since.

Nick Swardson

Every so often, a comedian comes along who emerges as a triple threat: comedian, actor and writer/producer. Nick Swardson is the latest and most exciting artist
to take on these roles. In addition to his roles of co-creator and star of Comedy Central’s “Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time” series, he has just completed a role in “Grown Ups 2” which releases in Summer of 2013.

The road to success has been a steady climb for Swardson, who started his career in St. Paul/ Minneapolis, then on to New York and Los Angeles.


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