Every Husky Should Know: Xhibition Kitchen

The Xhibition Kitchen 

Located in Stetson West

If you were to make a list of “Northeastern Things That Are Really Cool, But Under-Appreciated,” Xhibition Kitchen would definitely be near the top. Almost every week, in the high-tech cooking station in the far reaches of Stetson West, a figure from the culinary world will come to Northeastern and give us a little taste of something special.

It could be Emmy award-winning chef Ming Tsai (featured below), or perhaps one of the renowned chefs from such Boston establishments as the Top of the Hub, Rialto, or Taranta, but they are always worth checking out for a fun, free lunch as the guest chefs teach you their styles.

The events at the XK are always a blast, and all you need to do is sign at the main Stetson West entrance at the time of the event. Be sure to check out their schedule below, as in October they always do an exciting Pumpkin Carving Special, and their currently ongoing Healthy Cooking Series!

NU Dining Events: http://www.nudining.com/news-events


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