Good Things Come To Those Who Tweet! Giveaways Inside!

Be advised: the 104 Ell office is about to reclaim the title of “Free Swag Town, USA.” What are we offering? Well, check below to see:

Do you remember the quintessential paw print lanyard you got during your Orientation? What has become an iconic feature of Northeastern life can be yours once again! (This is assuming you lost your original lanyard. If not, a spare never hurts!)

In addition, you can get the latest iteration of the Northeastern Diehard Dogs shirt, another memento of our freshman year that we all cherish within our wardrobes.

So what do you have to do to take this walk down Swag/Memory Lane? Just tweet @NUStudentLife anytime, anyplace and let us know what’s going on! Going to your favorite club’s meeting? Tweet it! Did you just eat a sweet burrito or sandwich? We love burritos and sandwiches, so let us know! If you don’t have a Twitter account, feel free to hit us up on Facebook too!

Afterwards, just stop on by 104 Ell Hall, and all of these wonders can be yours! Our hours are posted here!

And of course, you can always comment below!


5 responses to “Good Things Come To Those Who Tweet! Giveaways Inside!

  1. Since you’re asking for comments…
    I just wanted to say that this blog is the greatest! I literally get all my NU news here– it’s way more convenient than checking the calendar. Thanks guys!

  2. This is a great blog! Been reading it for 20 minutes now going back through the Summer posts. Can’t wait for Food day tomorrow. Will definitely be stopping by the Farmers Market between classes and IV for dinner tomorrow

    Also just followed you on twitter!

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