Cute Husky of the Day 10/31/12: Halloween Huskies!

Today, as you are probably aware, is Halloween, arguably the greatest of all holidays. You have excitement, as you run from house to house knocking on strangers’ doors asking for candy. You have the free candy that these strangers give you. You get to be creative and try to design a brilliant costume that will amaze all of your friends. There are pumpkins, games, costume parties, and in general everyone is having a merry day/weekend.

However, probably greatest of all, is the fact that our beloved animal allies also get to participate. NU Student Life is proud to present: Huskies in Halloween Costumes.

While these Super Husky images have already been featured on this blog, they are clearly worthy of another run. Just look at him!

Next up, we have the double husky costume of… The Bride and Groom!

But watch out, next up we have the RED BARON! Chasing birds just got real.

Although, sometimes you just need to go back to the basics. Pumpkin: the classic costume.

For the last picture we have a work of art. It has everything: ingenuity, daring, brilliance, pirates, treasure, charm, and of course, a husky.

Happy Halloween, huskies! Be sure to alert us of any decked-out huskies that you find in your travels!


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