The Northeastern Guide to Election Day

On Tuesday, November 6th, 2012, America will head to the polls to elect the next President of the United States (as well as decide numerous local elections and ballot measures), and Northeastern students will be a part of this historic day. A myriad of student groups have joined in helping to register the Northeastern community to vote, uniting under the Student Government Association’s #NUVotes Campaign, and now it’s time to head to our local voting precincts and vote!

Here is our guide to all of the information you need to learn about, vote in, and be a part of this historic day!

Where am I voting?

If you registered to vote in Boston, check this website to find where you will be voting:

For most of Northeastern, our polling places will be very near Northeastern, with some at Wentworth, Mass Ave., and the Fenway.

Also, if you need some assistance getting to your polling place, awesome cab companies Uber and Hailo are offering pretty nifty deals.

What am I voting on?

Edit 11/6/12: Today’s Google doodle redirects you to an excellent voting information guide where they have everything that will be on your ballot. It can be found here:

In addition to the Presidential election, you have the U.S. Senate race (hotly contested between Elizabeth Warren and incumbent Scott Brown) as well as three ballot measures (Questions 1-3), as well as other local elections.

For a guide to the Senate Election, click here.

For a guide to the House of Representatives Election, click here.

For Northeastern, many will be in the 7th Congressional District, details for which can be found here.

For descriptions of the Ballot Measures (Assisted Suicide, Medical Marijuana, and Automobile Regulation), see this guide.

Where should I watch the election?

After you’ve gotten your dose of democracy, you can head on down to AfterHours at 7 PM for Music, Trivia, and Speakers! There will also be pizza and 100 free t-shirts to the first to arrive, so make sure you consider this for your Northeastern political observation deck! Here is a link to the Facebook event.

Alternatively, if you’re more into joining the fray, Mitt Romney will be in Boston holding his election night event in Boston at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Expo and there are a lot of restaurants and bars with specials.

No matter the who, the where, or the how, get out and celebrate our democracy!


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