Cute Husky of the Day 11/9/12: A Darn Cute Ball of Fur

While researching candidates for today’s Daily Husky, I came across a specimen that rendered me incapable of not posting it. At first, you notice the cuteness, as that is quite apparent, but then maybe the circa 1990 image quality gets to you. As image quality is typically of preeminent importance to this blog, it was a tough call, but if you look to some of the details of the husky, the image quality begins to add to the aesthetic, and perhaps even enhance the experience. To get what I mean, behold this cute husky:

I’ll let that sink in a bit. One thing I love about this picture is the use of form. The fact that all cute little puppy paws are being used to add cute points, especially the presence of the hind leg paws facing the camera, is brilliant. The way the front legs are clutching some deliciously chewable toy plus the fact that this lil’ pup is literally rolling on the floor having a blast is inspiring. And can we talk about those ears? Just look at those ears.

Really, I think we all wish we were this husky puppy, chewing on some toy, and joyously rolling around on a carpet in the mid-1990’s.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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