MEISA Presents: Shwayze and Tayyib Ali

MEISA (the Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association) continues the proud tradition of bringing up-and-coming artists (as well as acts already with a solid foothold in the music world) with a show featuring rappers Shwayze and Tayyib Ali. The show will be at afterHOURS on Wednesday, Nov. 14th, 2012 (tomorrow). The NU only show is 100% free and no tickets are necessary, just head to afterHOURS when the doors open at 6:30 PM.

Here is some more info from the event’s Facebok page:

Aaron Smith released his self-titled debut album in 2008 under the alias Shwayze. Since, he has starred in a reality show on MTV and released three additional records. The merge of rock and hip-hop Shwayze incorporates is unmistakably perfect for anyone looking for a good time.

Tayyib Ali has been described as the new face of hip hop. He has been rapidly growing in popularity since the release of his two mixtapes Eighteen and Keystone State of Mind. Definitely not a performance to miss!

Shwayze —>

Tayyib Ali —>

Sponsored by SAF.


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