Want to Learn About Northeastern’s Brilliant IDEA? Stop by their Open House!

Perhaps you have heard of IDEA, Northeastern’s Venture Accelerator that has been getting a lot of press coverage for the 100+ ventures they have helped turn from ideas into reality. Perhaps you have also wondered how you can get involved with this institution that is becoming one of the focal points of Northeastern’s entrepreneurial spirit. In any case, this event is worth checking out.

On Thursday, Nov. 15th, IDEA will be hosting an Open House in the Indoor Quad at the Curry Student Center from 4-7 PM. You are invited to come and meet the management team, learn about IDEA, and find out about exciting ways to get involved with the organization. There is also a table lovingly adorned with some of the best free sweets and warm beverages you will see at an NU event.

In addition, several of their latest ventures are present discussing the exciting work they are getting into, including the latest Northeastern Twitter sensation @FreeFeedNU, who has been providing Northeastern with tips and alerts regarding events with free food, a service cherished by most students.

Feel free to stop on by and meet the team!


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