Cute Husky of the Semester: An NUStudentLife Retrospective

Note: not the Cute Husky of the Semester.

This fine Wednesday, the 19th of December of the 2012th year A.D., is an historic day for several reasons:

  1. Earlier today, we had our 100,000th page view on this blog.
  2. If the apocalypse does occur on Friday (12/21/12), this will be our final post.
  3. It is my last day atop the iron throne that is the NU Student Life social media power house. (Don’t worry, Keara will be taking the reigns in January, apocalypse pending.)

Sufficed to say, I’m trying really, really hard not to make a mess of this blog post.

At this point, there is one thing I must say to the Northeastern community: thank you. Running the blog this past semester has been a pleasure, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. While I regret not coming up with the Cute Husky of the Day earlier in my career, the duty of combing through  cute huskies on the internet to find the best one for you all has been an honor and a privilege.

NU Student Life has been through quite a journey since I started fiddling with the buttons this past July. We had a site redesign, a post about our new Visitor Center that went NU-viral, a mention in Bostinno about the #Husky101 posts, and a brief stint as a gossip site when Zach Braff announced he was coming to Northeastern. And, of course, remember that time we all tweeted #DMSB to the top of the Boston Trends on Twitter  during the D’Amore-McKim School of Business Naming Ceremony?

Ah, such joyous memories. But don’t worry, should the apocalypse occur, I have buried a backup of this site’s data so that future archaeologists will be able to recover these important milestones of ours.

However, we did not come here to discuss contingency plans for this Friday. We are here to look at some cute Huskies.

It is apropos that we honor our first Cute Husky of the Semester with another first: the first reader-submitted Husky. And so, courtesy of Student Body President Pete Petrin, the recipient of the  NU Student Life Cute Husky of the Semester Award is… Ashira the Puppy!


13 more pictures in the full album via The Daily Puppy

Farewell, have a happy holidays, keep following NU Student Life, and fingers crossed for no apocalypse on Friday,



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