Make 2013 your best year yet!

picture for blog 2picture for blog 1Find a new hobby or skill-As far as hobbies go, the opportunities are endless: crafting (try looking at Pinterest for ideas), knitting, learning a new language (check out the free classes provided by NUCALLS), or even snowboarding (consider joining Northeastern’s Downhillers Ski and Snowboard Club).
Join a new student group, and make sure to go out of your comfort zone. There is a club for every possible interest- if you don’t believe me check out the list at the Campus Activities page.
Even if you end up ditching your New Years’ resolution goal, feel better about yourself (only kidding, if this applies to you, you are not a horrible person!) by volunteering either on-campus or around Boston. A great reference for opportunities such as service days, volunteer fairs, and the Husky Volunteer Team is the Center of Community Service.
Get off the couch and be more active! As many already know, we have a pretty nice gym (the Marino Center) here on campus. Make this the year that you actually use it. Classes are offered at Marino each semester for a fee, varying from Zumba to Yoga. Also, sign up now to be on an intramural sports team! Information on how to sign up is available on the Campus Recreation website.
Finally, indulge in yourself by doing things that make you happy, and RELAX! You got this!


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