Do the Samba- Carnevale 2013

The end of this week marks the beginning of Carnevale, a Brazilian tradition that is held about six weeks before Easter.
534288_347849108615157_586962212_nThe Carnevale is a celebration of Brazil’s African culture, and is estimated to attract 1.1 million visitors per year. The Carnevale is celebrated in the streets around Brazil, where people wear festive masks and colorful costumes and dance (Samba style) to upbeat music. Another important part of Carnevale is the parade, 551731_347849971948404_1563225203_nwith samba dancers atop of moving vehicles as the parade winds through the streets.
Northeastern has its own way of celebrating Carnevale, beginning this Friday with ISSI’s annual Carnevale Kickoff at 4pm in Curry Student Center quad. There will be food from a variety of international cuisines, people to meet from across the globe, and The Tea Caravan, where samples of tea that was traded along the Silk Road will be served.
On Saturday is the annual ice carving competition at the Krentzman Quad from 11-2pm. If you still have use of your hands, head over to the Lunar New Year Celebration in the Curry Ballroom from 7:30-9:30pm. Also part of the Carnevale celebration, The Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service is holding an Open House in the Sacred Space in honor of World Interfaith Harmony Week.

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