Asian American Heritage Week 2013

There are always opportunities to appreciate diversity on campus, and this week happens to be Asian American Heritage Week. This year’s theme is “Shattering Expectations,” to represent how the Asian American community has gone above and beyond preset expectations of our community. Asian American Heritage Week is held in remembrance of the signing of Executive Order 4066 which detained thousands of Japanese and Japanese Americans living in the United States during World War I. Northeastern’s Asian American Center, in conjunction with ISSI’s ongoing Carnevale celebration, has many events planned for this week which can be found in detail here and here.22717_bbq_pork_belly_dumpling_1349997208_543As for today’s events, “Momo Madness Monday” is happening today from 5-7pm in 405 Ell Hall. At this event, participants will be able to taste the difference, or twist, that each country puts into the making of the Momo, or dumpling. Sample everything from the Chinese Jiaozi to Korean Kimchi. After learning the art of dumpling folding, put your skills to the test at ISSI’s dumpling cooking competition. Do you have what it take to make the best Momo? 373465_236541679814895_454960835_nThe Asian Student Union, Barkada, and Pi Delta present the opening speaker for Asian American Heritage Week, Phil Yu, who writes the “Angry Asian Man” blog. Since 2001 his blog has been a source of Asian American news and activism. His message is, despite the events unraveling around us, sometimes it is okay to “get angry.” Come out and listen to Phil Yu today at 6pm in the Curry Student Center Ballroom.


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