Puppets, tacos, great music, and a movie… What more could you ask for?

While your friends are baking away in the Caribbean, here are some events happening today in the Bean to make them wish they hadn’t left!

puppet3.s600x600When we say “library,” you think we are talking about books, the smell of the dude’s feet sitting next to you, or even scary Librarians. FALSE- YOU ARE WRONG. We happen to be talking about The Puppeteers Cooperative’s Giant Puppet Free Lending Library, open Tuesdays from 2-7pm for loans, tours, and puppet making. FOR FREE. Come play with puppets and we promise you will forget that you are not in a tropical destination for Spring Break. The library is behind 15 Newbury St. in the alley between Newbury and Commonwealth.

While you could be sipping on Mojitos (virgin ones, of course), why not be chowing down on a $2 Taco instead? Chef Andy Husbands’ scrumptious Tacos are $2 every Tuesday at Tremont 647. Take your pick from offerings like carnitas and salsa verde, grilled veggie and refried beans, or garlic shrimp with chipotle-lime sour cream. Now, please take a second to wipe the drool off your keyboard/desk area. Happy Taco Tuesday, everyone!tremonttacosDid you know that various locations in Boston offer FREE films every single day? Spring break is no different! Today is Lunafest at Simmons College, a national film festival that supports women filmmakers and all proceeds will be donated to The Breast Cancer Fund. Lunafest will take place at Simmons’ campus, room C103 in Lefavour Hall, at 6pm. For more information about Lunafest, call 617-521-2480. For a complete list of free films in Boston, check this out.

To cap off a great night, head to Berklee’s Performance Center (136 Mass Ave) for a Musical Odyssey featuring the Greek Music Ensemble. The Greek Music Ensemble is a Boston-based group committed to the critical interpretation and performance of Greek, Balkan, and Eastern Mediterranean Art Music. Songs from Bulgaria, Serbia, and Albania will be performed; in the end it’s all Greek to me! The performance starts at 8:15pm and general admission is $12.


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