How Distinguished Can You Get?

may-the-odds-poster-2-16x202So you want to rule the world, become an astronaut, maybe even become president of the USA. Why not add a nomination for The Huntington 100: Distinguished Juniors and Seniors program to that list? After six consecutive years, the office of Student Affairs is proud to announce The Huntington 100: Distinguished Juniors & Seniors, a restructured version of the previous 100 Most Influential Seniors program.

One of the goals for this new program is to more closely align the values of the University and its mission with the selection process. Revised criteria were devised to ensure inclusion of a more diverse population, eecreflective of the University’s ideals – most specifically, experiential education, global engagement and leadership. An additional goal is to develop this corps of students as an affinity group for the University. Specifically, this selection of juniors will take part in admissions recruiting events, alumni chapter development, student mentoring, and strengthening their bond with Northeastern.

What is a distinguished student, exactly? Candidates must represent Northeastern as an institution, showing academic success, an exemplary record of service to the University and surrounding community, global experience, leadership in campus involvement, an entrepreneurial or innovative spirit, and graduating senior or junior year status. Students who are expected to graduate in 2013 0r 2014 can be nominated by faculty, staff, coaches, advisors, and other students.

You can find the nomination form here. Please apply before the deadline, Friday April 5. Northeastern’s best and brightest juniors and seniors will be honored at a special event at the home of President Aoun, and recognized at Commencement. The University takes the recognition of its students very seriously, so please help spread the word about this great new program!


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