Voting, Game Night, and a Red Carpet Finale!

top dawgHave you voted yet, Northeastern? SGA invites you to a Voting Kick-Off event today from 12-4 at the Library Quad, complete with free food, T-shirts, and a special #H3 menu! Good luck to all candidates, vote our top dog Northeastern!

Competition? Check. Board Games? Double Check. Tonight at ISSI’s International Game Night, experience one of the world’s most unique pastimes and appreciate other cultures’ entertainment, sports, and games. Make your way over to 405 Ell at 5:30 to join in on the fun!

red carpetYou are invited to a red carpet finale! Tonight, as part of Campus MovieFest, come check out the top short movies made by NU students at the CMF NU Finale! Get excited for a night of glitz, glamour, lights, and red carpet fun! There will be awesome door prizes, including a $25 Boloco gift card, a $50 iTunes gift card, an Apple TV, and a 6-month Netflix subscription for the film that brings out the most number of fans! Wowzer! The finale will begin at 7:30pm in room 20 of West Village F, but arrive early as seats fill up fast!


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