Kid Cudi Swears Off the Funky Stuff

ELLE Celebrates 25 Years and The Launch Of ELLEments Of Personal Style - InsideSo SpringFest is coming up, and on behalf of OPEN, CUP, and Student Activities, I am supposed to tell you not to do drugs or drink excessive amounts of alcohol during this time (or there will be consequences!!!). I don’t like to rant, and I believe that everyone has the right to make their own decisions (we are in college, right?) so I would like to use this opportunity raise several important points.

The big talent for this year’s SpringFest concert is Kid Cudi, one of hip hop’s most cerebral artists. Cudi first received well-deserved attention in 2008, when his single “Day’N’ Nite” became an online hit. The rapper also unfortunately became known for his drug use, including marijuana and cocaine. Cudi has recently announced that he is taking a vow of sobriety, saying that he no longer wants to be known as “Mr. Weed Boy” and the “lonely stoner.” In an article with Complex magazine, the rapper said that he didn’t like being categorized by his use of marijuana and that he did not want it to define him as a person or an artist.

SF Poster.PolaroidSince Cudi made his announcement on social media sites, there has reportedly been backlash from fans who are concerned that his sobriety will affect his creative output. This is worrisome to me because it shows how intertwined pop culture has become with drug use and we, as fans, seemingly encourage the drug use of musicians like Cudi. Apparently people think that weed is what makes you creative and is what defines the popularity of musicians and other celebrities. I do not discriminate against people who use drugs and alcohol relationally, but I have always stuck by the belief that you don’t need either of those things to be cool.

SF Poster.MedAmI hope there are others at Northeastern who will welcome Kid Cudi to campus this Saturday with open arms, realizing that he is not a failed person but rather someone who is trying to start a new chapter in life. Everyone deserves a second chance, especially when they are making the right one. For more information about Cudi’s transformation, see these articles by Complex Music and MTV.

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