Work the Polls (Election Wise)

votingThe Boston Election Department is recruiting poll workers to assist in the upcoming elections for the City’s 254 precincts. Jobs include, but are not limited to: assist with preparing the voting location for opening; hang signs in accordance with legal requirements; count ballots; check in voters; maintain a record of the Election Day activities; check handicap access; assist in removing signage; pack up election materials; and help check counts at the end of the day. Stipends for poll workers range from $135-$175. While it is encouraged that all Poll Workers be available from 6AM to the closing of the polls (9PM), those workers serving as Inspectors or Interpreters may opt for a half-day shift: 6AM to 2PM or 1PM to 9PM (prorated pay rate of $9/hour). All prospective Poll Workers will be required to attend a mandatory 2-hour training session prior to the Elections. It should be noted that all poll workers must be registered voters in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For more information on becoming a Poll Worker , please contact the Boston Election Department at (617)635-3767 or by email at Applications can be downloaded directly from their website and can be mailed, faxed or returned as an email attachment. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig to us!


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