Video Games, Boston Marathon Panel, Midnight Breakfast

The semester is winding down, but there are still plenty of events going on around campus! Check this post out for some post finals fun or some inspiration to get you through the rest of the week! Good luck on finals and safe travels home, Huskies!
meditation kitten
Have finals taken your breath away? Join in on a session of Mindfulness Meditation taking place at the Sacred Space at 3pm. Learn how to integrate these practices into everyday life to reduce stress and increase happiness!


Calling all diehard gamers! Today is Northeastern Game Demo Day, the first annual showcase of all the games that NU students have made. It will consist of a demo session where students can play each other’s games and students will have the chance to present their game for a panel of industry and academic judges and possibly receive an award. This demo will be held at the Indoor Quad at room 444 in Curry from 6 to 10pm.

memorialWe have all been following the news about the Boston Marathon bombing and aftermath, but it is time for Northeastern faculty experts to weigh in. Please join a panel of faculty experts for a discussion of the issues that the bombing and the search for the perpetrators have raised. Topics include: the motivation for crime, the prosecution of domestic terror suspects, and the role of social media, amongst others. This panel and discussion will take place at 7pm in West Village F room 20.

midnightAre you ready for the return of THE breakfast? At this year’s Midnight Breakfast, there will be a custom breakfast menu, cupcakes, coloring, Mario Kart, board games, and more. This event, brought to you by Dining Services and the RSA, is free to enter with a meal swipe. Put away the books and head to Stetson East from 11pm to 1am.


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