A Roundup of our favorite Tweets from Graduation

Here are some tweets we thought say a lot about the hearts and minds of our graduates and last week’s commencement ceremony. Mentionable tweets include cutest couple ever (@jordanmac3), DIY grad gifts (see @casmcgr’s “Broquet”), post grad ritual and celebrations (@decouscous celebrated at Bagel World) and plain old reminiscing.


Thanks Graduation Week, the Papacy, the fam, and everyone in between. Couldn’t ask for anything more. #NU2013


Flipping around in our graduation attire #nu2013




Im on the pursuit of happiness & I know everythin that shine ain’t always gonna be gold. #NU2013 #beaboss clear eyes full hearts can’t lose


Northeastern University, the most beautiful college in all the lands. I’ll sure be sad to leave you #northeastern #boston #NU2013


Started from the bottom now we here. Huskies Class of 2013! We did it! #NU2013


That moment when you get hooded by the Dean and your #bestfriend is right there to capture it

http _distilleryimage5.s3.amazonaws.com_d288feb0b46611e2ac8a22000a9e2947_7










Broquet for the graduate 🙂 I try 🙂 ❤ #NU2013



Can’t believe we are graduates! @northeastern @laurenmasonNEU #NU2013 #besttimeofmylife



Apparently some Northeastern students graduate today. Congratulations, kids x #nu2013


It’s been a long day but he’s still the cutest guy I’ve ever seen #graduation #NU2013 #inlove











You are no longer in our hands, we’re in yours. – Aoun #NU2013 #northeastern #graduation #commencement


“It’s Ok to be bored, it’s not OK to be boring” @nikesharora delivered the #NU2013 commencement speech


Watch out world! We’ve got a young #scientist ova heaya! @mhanesian #NU2013











Dear Northeastern can I come back in the fall as a freshman please #NU2013


Nice swag from graduation #NU2013 #bostonstrong











Well, senior week was fun #NU2013


Soooooooooooo, u effing graduated… #what?!?!?! #nu2013


Fake degree!

fake degree










Best grad gift to myself #bagelworld #swag #nu2013 #bigcup




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