No Butts about it… #NUSmokeFree

 SMOKING Group Sign-1

Smokers on Northeastern’s campus have finally been asked to put out their cigarettes for the foreseeable future. After gathering information from research and feedback from Northeastern’s community members, the university has initiated a campus wide smoke-free policy that will take effect this fall. This policy reflects Northeastern’s dedication to the health and safety of its community members. In order to reach this decision, a committee was formed comprised of students, Faculty, and staff, and in December two campus wide town hall meetings were held to facilitate dialogue and feedback about the issue. According to a Northeastern News article, “the com­mittee also sought input through informal sur­veys and meet­ings and received hun­dreds of com­ments through a ded­i­cated web­site, social media, and email designed to weigh the pros, cons, and fea­si­bility of its ulti­mate recommendations.” The opinion of experts at the state, local, and federal levels were also taken into consideration. Northeastern has implemented several resources dedicated to community members seeking to quit smoking including the Ready to Quit! program. This program is being offered through University Health and Counseling Services and is available under the Northeastern University Student Health Plan. Through Ready to Quit! Northeastern students, and eligible Faculty and staff can access counseling, nicotine replacement therapy, and cessation resources. Those wishing to participate in the program can expect text messages encouraging them to stay tobacco free, weekly follow-up phone calls and coaching meetings twice a month with a registered nurse. A spokesperson from the program remarked that there has been a large number of students who have enrolled. To get started with the Ready to Quit! program, simply complete the assessment form here and wait for UHCS to contact you with an appointment time.

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