Guide to Boston in the Summer, Social Media Edition

Here are some twitter accounts you need to follow in order to take advantage of everything Boston has to offer this summer.


@summerboston Mayor Menino’s “one-stop clearinghouse” for great events all summer long ANNAS

@BostonTweet  If you want to know everything about burritos and beer, this guy is your man. Tom O’Keefe uses his Twitter account to create awareness for local businesses and other things that are awesome (and delicious) around Bostoncheap-deals-discounts-2@BostonOnBudget– a well-curated list of cheap finds, food, and fun around Boston. Make sure to check out the section “College Discounts”!  529567_420655961305899_75876310_n

@OddBostonEventsPromise not to be thrown off by the name; not one of these events qualified as “too odd” for us. Claims to be Boston’s most popular events blog48cda8431f186f1bbe990a2bfab6d52e@NUSummester– Northeastern’s way of bringing you more than 2 dozen ways to entertain yourself during summer session 2013- great for students who are stuck on campus for summer classes or co-op

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