Coming soon to a Library near you- 3D Printing

Maker1Ever wonder how much more cutting edge Northeastern can get? Northeastern’s new 3-D printing lab threatens to tip the scale, with the edition of a 3-D printing facility, upgraded studios, and next-generation audio/ visual infrastructure. The first floor of Snell Library is being expanded to make room for the new lab, which is slated to open this fall.


This is the first of many updates to the building, including the launch of the Digital Media Commons last year. These new technologies will allow all Northeastern students to create things such as iPhone cases and lamps for their dorm rooms. Students will have innovative technologies such as the Replicator 2 printer at their fingers, which costs around $2,000. If you have never heard of such a thing, fear not- Northeastern is developing a series of lessons and workshops on how to use the lab.


The lab is a reflection of the library becoming more digital, as seen in many of its print collections becoming available online as ebooks. Many students have expressed approval of the 3D lab, and are anxious to try it out come September.


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