Ice Cream Galore!


Well NU, just when we thought Boston would get a bit of a break from the scorching heat, temperatures crept back into the 90s today. This sticky, warm weather is likely to be here for the rest of the week. How should you stay cool and refreshed, you ask?  Indulge in some ice cream or frozen yogurt; there are a ton of choices in the city, here are a few top picks.

Interested in trying some frozen yogurt? Head to BerryLine located near Fenway, or Pinkberry, located in the Prudential. Both have great yogurt and an array of yummy toppings (fruit and candy) to put on your choice of froyo.

Leaning a bit more towards ice cream? Stop by J.P. Licks and grab a cone of Oreo-coffee or a chocolate frap! The ice cream is delicious and oh-so refreshing. Conveniently, there are locations close to NU. One store is located at Brigham Circle and the other on Boylston Street!

Another great ice cream shop is Cold Stone Creamery located right by the Prudential. Here, you can order a premade concoction of delicious-ness or customize your own order. You can pick from lots of toppings and then watch as they make your order in front of you.

Traveling outside of Boston, the list below features several options for ice cream around New England; if you are in the area check them out!

Happy Eating Huskies!


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