A Few of our Favorite Things

Okay NU, yesterday I left you all with the task of telling me what you like best about NU. With so many options and things to love on the campus alone, one wonders, how do I pick a favorite? Remember, the thing you love most could be something about NU or the city…it is what makes your time and experience here at Northeastern, a great one!

A few of our awesome twitter followers tweeted their responses to the question, check it out!

Darren Costa, an alumni of NU said, “@NUStudentLife My favorite part about NU is how students flood the T and Matthews Arena whenever we play BU and BC”

Cait, a Digital Media Graduate student tweeted “@NUStudentLife I love sitting with a good book over by the reflection pool during longer breaks between work and class! #RelaxMode

 Shane, a middler Engineering student said, “@NUStudentLife My favorite part about NU is living in #Boston #bestcityintheworld

 A fellow Husky named John tweeted “@NUStudentLife walked around Huntington Ave for the “Open Streets in the Avenue of the Arts”

 Everyone has something different which makes their time at NU and in Boston unique and exciting. Thanks to our respondents this week, the feedback is appreciated!

Alright Huskies go out and enjoy the campus and the city, Boston is your oyster!


Please leave a reply, we'd love to know what you think!

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