Outdoor Dining

Happy Monday Huskies! I hope everyone is enjoying this great weather we are having; it definitely beats the hot, sticky, temperatures we had last week. Now that is more manageable, why not enjoy it and dine outside? Sometimes this is hard to do; especially when it is really hot; however, with mild temperatures and a slight breeze, dinner outside would be perfect!

There are several great options for dining outside, whether it is for lunch or dinner. Boston has tons of restaurants that feature outdoor dining areas; just find a food type you are interested in and you’re off! To help start the search, here are a few options to consider…

Head down to Faneuil Hall to explore the area and enjoy outdoor seating at several restaurants. Wagamama is a great choice; this establishment features a variety of noodles! Yumm!

Another great area is the North End. Here you can find plenty of restaurants that have outdoor seating and serve some seriously delicious Italian food.

Looking to stay closer to campus? Head over to Boylston or Newbury; both streets are filled with restaurants that offer outdoor seating. Stephanie’s on Newbury has a large outdoor area and the food is great! Try the mac and cheese, it is amazing!

For a complete list of outdoor restaurants, check out this article on Boston.com. http://www.boston.com/ae/restaurants/2013/04/30/alfresco-dining-options-boston/PaDHu0neQo9TlIQkA4bJrL/story.html

Well Huskies, embrace this great weather and enjoy a meal outdoors, you won’t regret it! Happy Eating! 

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