Get Fit!


Well, it is that time of week again, happy Monday Huskies! There is not much going on around Boston right now, but one of the best ways to pass time and keep busy is through exercise! There are a number of races and events coming up that you can participate in, here are a few: the Boston triathlon, the Freedom Trial Run, and the Northeastern Big Dog 5k.

The Boston Triathlon takes place on Sunday August 4th at 7:45 am. The event includes a half mile swim, a nine mile bike ride and a four mile run. The official website has all other information regarding the event.

The Freedom Trail Run takes place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and runs through Boston’s historic Freedom Trail. It’s a great way to keep in shape! More information is available online as well as registration for the event.

The Northeastern Big Dog 5k is an annual fall event that is organized by Northeastern Alumni. The date is still to be announced as well as the location. Make sure to check out Northeastern’s website for more information!

Running is a great endorphin release and will get you in shape for the upcoming academic school year! What are you waiting for Huskies, grab some sneakers and go!


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