NU Student Life Guest Post by Allison Hobbs


How To Make the Most of the Last Two Weeks of Summer

As it seems to every year, yet another summer has flown by! But rather than accept that it is already over, it’s time to take charge and make the most of the remaining two weeks before classes begin again!

1. Beach it!

There are plenty of beautiful beaches in Massachusetts but unfortunately not as many super close to Boston.  But just because we can’t all zip down to the Cape doesn’t mean we can’t have a couple fun beach days in the remaining few weeks.  There’s Revere Beach and Carson Beach, both within twenty minutes, but in the interest of full disclosure, I would not recommend these places.  If you go a little farther, about 45 minutes away, Gloucester has some great beaches! One of my favorites is Good Harbor, it’s nice and open and there is a small island you can swim or walk to and explore around.  It’s a great beach to spend the day at, as there is plenty to do.  If you’re feeling even more ambitious, just about an hour up 95, you could stop at some New Hampshire beaches.  Hampton is a popular one, but just down the road are some nicer, smaller beaches that are great for just relaxing.  So, take advantage of the August weather and remember that there are some decent beaches around here, contrary to what some say!

2. Restaurant Week

A great way to occupy your time in the next two weeks is to go out to eat! Restaurant Week is happening from August 18-23 and 25-30.  This is a great time to go out and try new places you never would otherwise.  I would recommend the lunch deals, a two course lunch for $15.13 and a three course for $20.13.  The dinner goes up a bit in price to $38.13 (perhaps a better date meal than for a casual lunch with friends).  There are so many restaurants to try, don’t let the opportunity pass you by and make a goal to try at least one new place that you wouldn’t otherwise! We live in a wonderful, eclectic city and we would be fools to not take advantage of it!

3. School shopping

Pick out not only school supplies, but some new outfits as well! As we head back into another full semester of classes, it’s obviously time to restock on notebooks, pens and folders, but nothing gets you psyched like some new outfits to try out on campus.  Go to the Pru or Newbury and splurge on a couple new Fall staples to increase your confidence and excitement for the new semester!

4. Amusement Parks

Canobie Lake Park and Six Flags are both only short rides from Boston, and are some fun ways to occupy your time before the summer ends.  Six Flags is only an hour and a half out to Western Mass, costs $47 a day, but there are plenty of coupons at Dunks and other places to make it a little more inexpensive.  Canobie Lake is a little more low key and geared toward younger children but it doesn’t make it any less fun!  It’s only 40 minutes away and $35 per day, $25 after 5pm.  It’s a fun activity to take a big group, pack a lunch and make a whole day of it!  (Prices taken straight from the respective websites)

5. Relax

Most of us have spent the summer finishing up coop, working at an internship, working at another job, or experiencing the pain of summer classes and just want to relax.  It’s the perfect time to catch up on all the excellent shows that have been on this summer, watch some Netflix or read all those books you’ve been putting off.  It’s time to finally just chill and hang out.  Go for a walk and explore the city or literally just hang around your apartment and appreciate how wonderful it is to have nothing to do! 

Bio: Allison Hobbs is entering her Junior Year at Northeastern and is currently working as a Marketing Assistant at Argopoint LLC a legal management consulting firm in Beacon Hill. 

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