Attention, Attention!


Happy Monday Huskies! I hope you are all enjoying a little break from classes and getting ready to gear up for another fall semester here at NU! As always, the beginning of the school year comes with lots of activities, events, things to do and clubs to join; this year is no different! Below are some awesome announcements from around campus!

Boston Calling Music Festival is September 7 and 8 at City Hall Plaza, if you are interested in attending make sure to check out the picture below which offers a student discount code for tickets! In order to get the discount, you must bring your student ID card, if not; the discount will not be valid. The festival will be lots of fun, so make sure to take advantage of this great opportunity.


Interested in getting involved with a sports team on campus? Do you have experience as a gymnast, or a diver? If so, check out this meeting for the NU Varsity Women’s Diving Team! There will be a walk-on information session on Tuesday, September 10 at 8pm in the team meeting room in Cabot. Stop by to hear about the diving team and get info on tryouts. If you have any questions, contact the Women’s Swimming and Diving office at 617-373-2676.

Another awesome announcement for you guys involves your Husky Card. You can now use your Husky Dollars to pay for cab rides with select cab companies throughout Boston! Make sure to check with the cab driver before using your Husky card to pay for the fare! How awesome is that!?

Well Huskies, above are just a few announcements and events for the start of the 2013-2014 school year; stay tuned for more!


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