7 Reasons Not to Miss the State of NU

7 Reasons Not to Miss the State of NU: Guest Post by Joe Case

Northeastern’s State of the University Event is on Tuesday, Oct. 22nd, at 11:30am on Solomon Court. Doors open at 11:15am. Tweet about it using the #StateofNU hashtag.

1. New venue, new format

If you arrive at Curry Ballroom expecting to see lengthy speeches delivered in front of large plants, then we apologize. First, you’re in the wrong room. This year’s event is on Solomon Court, transformed in a way you’ve never before seen. The new, more engaging format promises to educate, entertain, and inspire. All five of your senses will be stimulated, beginning with your sense of taste. How’s that, you ask? Read on…

2.  Free lunch AND dessert

Giving away delicious box lunches is not just a ploy to drive up attendance. We tried a non-catered affair in previous years, but because the event takes place around lunchtime, the audible stomach growling from the audience became too distracting. And by the time it got to the Q&A portion, people were so hangry that all they could think to do with the microphone was place their lunch order.

And just in case you think you can stop by just to steal lunch and split, the gym doors have been outfitted with advanced full-body scanners. Professor Carey Rappaport, Deputy Director of ALERT, managed the installation.

And because it’s their home court, the basketball team will enforce the policy with their suffocating interior defense.

But, ultimately, you won’t want to skip out on the main event because you’ll miss the dessert reception, which, admittedly, is just a ploy to drive up attendance.

3.  Get to know Joe

Would you recognize President Aoun if you saw him in line at Chicken Lou’s? Watch him unveil what’s in store for Northeastern, and don’t let this happen to you.

watch full version

4.  Empower bottles for first 100 students 

These bottles are so cool that we can only release them in limited quantities or the world would run out of glass. They’re like the McRib of water bottles.

5.  Your voice will be heard

Student Government Association President Nick Naraghi will bring your issues in front of University leadership. Just add your voice to the agenda on Twitter using the hashtag #StateofNU, or email him at n.naraghi@neu.edu. You can also call Nick on his cell phone in the late hours of the night or the wee hours of the morn. Right, Nick? I can probably get you his home address, too.


6.  See campus from the sky

New aerial footage from NUFO (our remote-controlled copter) will premiere at the event. You might even be in a scene or two. Don’t worry, we definitely got your good side.

7.  Extra credit

If your professors see you in attendance, they will hold you in higher esteem. If you don’t see your professors, get a selfie during the event or post-event reception. Show it to them in your next class and ask them what they thought of Professor Richard Daynard’s remarks. If they say his remarks were just “ok” then you’ll know you’ve caught them in a lie. Professor Daynard will be excellent.

Joe Case is a local filmmaker, currently enrolled in Northeastern’s Master of Professional Studies program for Digital Media. He produces multimedia content, like Undercover President, for the University’s Advancement office. Visit Northeastern’s Empower site to view more of his work.


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