Not For Sale NU wants you to fair-trade your Halloween

Not For Sale NU wants you to fair-trade your Halloween!
Guest post by Rebecca Rice

Since our young trick-or-treating days, Halloween has been a time to hoard as much chocolate and candy as possible. But as you pick up your favorite chocolate bar at Wollaston’s, ask yourself this question: where does that chocolate come from? It might surprise you that a large amount of big brand chocolate is produced through forced labor.

Small business cocoa farmers around the world are often forced to sell their beans for prices lower than the production costs, pushing them into severe debt. Fair trade is a business model that works to give those farmers an equal and active role in the marketplace. You can show your support by buying chocolate bars from brands like Equal ExchangeGreen & Black’sJustin’sOCHONewman’s Own, and SERRV. Not For Sale NU will have a table set up in the library quad on Tuesday (October 29) and outside the bookstore on Wednesday (October 30).  Stop by and stock up on fair-trade chocolate!

To learn more about Not For Sale NU, click here.


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