Meet the Winners of the Battle of the Bands

Last night, I judged the Homecoming Battle of the Bands in afterHOURS alongside Casey Mulcare, Kier Byrnes, and Raquel Robinson. Two bands emerged from the battle victorious. Nick & His Friends won the judges’ pick while The D-Line won the audience pick. Check out photos of all of the bands on the CUP Instagram page.

Nick & His Friends turned out to be second-year NU student Nick Aquadro. His “friends” turned out to be loop pedals. Nick’s set was nothing short of impressive — armed with his acoustic guitar, two mics, and those pedals, he made a one-man-show into something else entirely. Nick married traditional indie rock with trip hop-stylings creating something that sounded like the lovechild of Bright Eyes and Portishead. As the winner, Nick will be recording a live set on The Capital X Show on WRBB radio (stream it here) on Sunday, November 24 at 5:00PM. Check out his song “Talk Too Much:”

The D-Line (the band you see in this article’s feature image) impressed the crowd with their impressive harmonies. This Newton, MA-based bluegrass group is recommended if you’re into bands like Old Crowe Medicine Show and Whiskeytown. Mandolins, violins, and banjos all made appearances during the D-Line’s unique set. Their EP is available for sale on their Bandcamp page. Check out one of its tracks, “Joke That No One Hears,” below:

A special thank you goes out to Toni Tiemann. She coordinated the entire Battle of the Bands and acted as the night’s emcee. She managed to pull the show off without a hitch! Thanks for all of your hard work, Toni!


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