Boston Bike Survey 2013

The 2013 Boston Bikes End-of-Year survey is now live! If you are an avid Boston cyclist, then you are urged to complete the survey so that the city can further its bike safety programs. Why do we need bike safety? Check out this Huntington News editorial reprinted from fall 2013 by NU’s Sustainability Program Manager Carol Rosskam:

Bike safety is personal. I can tell you because I experienced the heartbreak firsthand. It was 1974 on a youth hosteling trip…warm, sunny, dry conditions. A 9/11-type day when you least expect an irreversible tragedy to occur. Well, one of our group members died in a sudden collision with a car as she crossed a two lane highway. It was the first time in my life that I had seen death up close. It was personal. Sarah was just sixteen-years-old and I was barely old enough to drive a car. I can still recall the feeling in my body as our group-tightly knit by then-stood in a horrified, hushed silence as we stared down at her lifeless form. Any issues we had with one another immediately disappeared. I have since lost touch with those in that American Youth Hostel Association North Country Tour 2 group, but I can promise you that each and every one who was on that trip still thinks about what happened to Sarah that day, and bike safety in some way or another.  As we near the next fall term and academic year, with the influx of literally thousands of students moving into the Boston area, let’s do all we can to promote safe biking, educate drivers + pedestrians + skateboarders about the shared use of common space—and please, let’s ease hostility between these groups. Let’s work together to foster safe biking in the Boston area, especially amongyoung adults. I try to do so all the time, as a way to honor Sarah’s memory. Like I said, bike safety–is –very personal.



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