Armchair Anthropologist: Carnevale Style

Guest post by Gretchen Hyslip

I’m an Armchair Anthropologist, but I’m ready to stand up.  I’ve only been abroad a small handful of times, which by Northeastern standards is laughable.  I enjoy exploring cultures, speaking to other people, learning about life beyond Forest Hills and Lechmere.  On the weekends I like to dance and, occasionally, you’ll catch me belting “Party In the U.S.A.” in the shower after work on a Friday (or Thursday).

166785_482670005132150_1769269058_n[1]Carnevale 2013 Ball at the Colonnade Hotel

When I first heard about Carnevale, I thought: “Is that for international students only? What is it, exactly?”  Well, I’m here to tell you that after extensive research via singing, dancing, eating, and through my numerous new friends made during Carnevale 2013: Carnevale is not only for international students; it is for everyone.    And it.  is.  A. mazing.

It’s a celebration of the cultures represented here on our campus.  Who knew Northeastern has students from over 138 different countries?!  Carnevale is a two-month long (February-March) celebration that highlights our rich on-campus diversity and its first Take Off celebration is this Monday, February 3rd from 4:00 – 6:00PM in the Curry Ballroom!   I’ll be there and I highly recommend you are there too!  I heard there was going to be Henna tattoos, performances and food… just sayin’.

24462_495725770493240_1418866056_n[1]The Northeastern Men’s Rugby Team with 2013 Carnevale speaker Francois Peinaar

They’ve posted a link on the International Student and Scholar Institute’s website but here is the schedule of events for easy access!   You know every year when those Ice Sculptures appear outside Ell? Yeah, THAT’S CARNEVALE! And It only gets better from there.  Hope to see you at one of the Carnevale events!  (Oh, they also have a Twitter account @NEUISSI and if you tweet at them #ISSICarnevale at an event, you’ll be entered to win prizes!)


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