Be in demand! Align!

AlignYour Northeastern experience has prepared you for success in your discipline. But did you know that your talents would also be valued in high-demand fields like Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Health Informatics, and Energy Systems? These industries are looking for motivated, ambitious, and versatile professionals like you—and Northeastern’s ALIGN graduate degree programs can help you on your way.

Join the virtual information session on  March 24th!  Register here

Through ALIGN, you will:

  • Earn World-Class Master’s Degree: Bridge your experience to your aspirations with an in-demand degree from a top-50, global research university
  • Connect Education and Experience: Complete a full master’s degree with a customized curriculum that links your undergraduate foundation to your graduate studies, all while you gain paid work experience at industry-leading companies
  • Transition into a Successful Career: Gain access to high-growth fields where employers across the globe are searching for qualified professionals
  • Be Networked for Life: Graduate prepared, experienced, and ready to launch your new career with support from Northeastern’s global network of 3,000+ organizations and 200,000+ alumni

P.S. As a Northeastern alumnus, you also qualify for a Double Husky Scholarship (25% discount on graduate tuition!)


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