Guest Post: American Repertory Theater

Interested in an art/theater extracurricular activity? Read this story from Northeastern student, Hannah Gorelik and how she got involved at the ARTAmerican Repertory Theater in Cambridge. 

“As a first year BSIB major at Northeastern, I decided to take on a part-time internship for the marketing department at A.R.T. Fortunately, I have a lot of freedom to involve myself in whatever aspects of the show’s marketing strategy I wish, and my reward is seeing the show go from its early stages, through the rehearsal and production process, and the final outcome.

From the introductory welcome circle at the first rehearsal, we knew this show was something special. The award-winning creative team had a vision for the show that filled Oberon and left the room buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Weeks later, that same energy was apparent in each moment of the finished production; a production so moving and tense that the energy of the small, personal performance space was as electric as the bare bulbs flashing in time with the music over the stage. The storyline centers on the struggles of two women, a mother and daughter, both affected by the father’s abandonment of the family. The juxtaposition of their perspectives and failure to express their feelings to each other is heightened by the dramatic movement and haunting music which serve to illustrate the unspoken truths behind the script. Especially touching is the innocence with which the young daughter reacts to the loss, making the flashes forward in time to her repressed adult life more poignant. The show seems personal, and keeps the audience engaged until the end in an expressive, surreal, and unique experience that is not to be missed.”

From A.R.T. website:

An ensemble of ten fuse movement and dialogue in this intriguing world premiere theatrical hybrid that explores the continual impact of childhood experiences on our adult lives as Quincy, a precocious 11-year old seeks to understand what she’s inherited from her absent father and neglectful mother. Featuring music composed by Julia Kent and Son Lux.

Info about award-winning cast, crew, and design team

By Hannah Gorelik 

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