#Huskies – Your Chance to be in a PSA!

ViSION (Violence Support, Intervention and Outreach Network) needs your help to film a public service announcement (PSA) in order to raise awareness on campus to stand up against sexual violence. This video will be shown at orientations and possibly some sporting events.

Filming will take place on campus and food will be served. Participants will also receive a $50 gift card to one of three choice options as compensation.

Domestic and International students who speak English and their native language are encouraged to apply! Participants will be asked to say a few lines – no “acting” is required.

Interested? Here’s what you need to do:

Fill out this form by Tuesday, May 20th at 12pm:https://fs19.formsite.com/neuemsa/visionpsa/index.html

You will be contacted by May 23rd to confirm participation in the video.

Go Huskies!


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